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Providing education on topics related to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is what JTraining Solutions is known for. Over the past 20 years, Joy Johnson-Carruthers has trained thousands of leaders, managers, employees, faculty, staff, students, and more, across all industries. She is an exceptional facilitator who models empathy, offers hope, and inspires commitment.

Workshops and Presentations

Whether onsite or virtual facilitation/training, we combine our comprehensive talent knowledge and organizational behavior expertise with our experiences of what really works in the workplace to deliver real-talk, actionable, and sustainable strategies and information.

Signature Training Courses Include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Words Matter: The case for Inclusive communication

  • Leading Change for Diversity and Inclusion Success


JTraining Solutions consulting strategy is results-driven and designed to provide a comfortable, safe environment that allows clients to explore and unpack internal and systemic biases, recognize and uplift diverse and empathetic perspectives, and adopt more equitable and inclusive practices and policies to promote diversity and understanding in your organization.

Inclusive Leadership Services Include:

  • Human Resource Consulting

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Strategic Planning Sessions 

  • Mentoring

Speaking Engagements

Joy is an experienced and engaging speaker, using storytelling, humor, research, and current events to craft compelling keynote addresses and facilitated events that touch people's hearts, elevate discourse, and inspire audiences to take action.

Speaking Engagements include:

  • Guest lectures

  • Conference presentations

  • Keynotes

  • Facilitated Dialogues and Retreats

  • Podcasts


Learn to deliver D&I curriculum and facilitate difficult conversations within your organization. If you are looking to build capacity and offer workshops about any of the topics offered by JTraining Solutions, we offer train the trainer programs and resources.

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