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Ignite Change, Empower Minds,
and Shatter Barriers
with Fearless DEI Champion
Joy Johnson-Carruthers!


Are you tired of sugar-coated presentations that dance around the tough realities of DEI? Brace yourself for a speaker who keeps it real and fearlessly dives into the heart of DEI fears and resistance, bringing about unity and transformative change. Joy Johnson-Carruthers, a renowned authority on DEI, former Police Officer, US Army veteran, and captivating storyteller, is here to challenge the status quo and make a lasting impact on your global audience.

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What people are saying:

Provoking thought and inspiring action

Joy thrives on dismantling barriers and addressing the uncomfortable truths that hinder inclusivity. As a trusted partner to boards and senior leadership teams, she fearlessly guides proactive steps toward a more united and inclusive future.

unparalleled expertise, authenticity and Raw Emotion

With 20+ years of HR experience and national HR and DEI certifications, Joy brings a unique blend of humor and clarity to every engagement. Her authentic storytelling grips audiences and breaks down resistance to create lasting change.

Tailored and transformative sessions

Joy customizes each workshop, presentation, and keynote to confront your organization's specific fears and resistance. Get ready for an edgy and transformative experience that shatters barriers and drives profound impact.

Globally acclaimed

Joy's expertise transcends borders, enriched by international studies in West Africa, Europe, and South Korea. She fearlessly challenges the global conversation around DEI, addressing the uncomfortable yet necessary discussions that drive real change.

Why Choose Joy?

Stellar Clientele

justice wall_120170155_10214118049745779_2058811716596960940_n.png

Amazing discussion, so many GEMS!

- Dionne Ransom

DEI Programs and Events Manager

for Victoria's Secret

Dynamic and engaging speaker. Practical advice that will be immediately useful.

- SHRM National Inclusion
Conference Attendee

There is literally no one more qualified an